Algemeen Octrooi- en Merkenbureau



 How do you distinguish yourself from others in your market? Precisely. With strong ideas and inventions driving your products and services. And as long as others don't have what you have or know what you know, you will keep the competition guessing. The challenge is keeping this up. AOMB makes sure that you stay unique and that nobody else can unjustly capitalise on your inventions and ideas.

Intellectual property has been our domain for over 50 years. Extensive knowledge of patents, brands, trademarks, designs, licenses, copyright and plant variety rights is the norm. What makes our agency unique is our way of working. Our IP-experts apply themselves with passion and drive. They don't just think in terms of products, they consider your needs and your market, working in dedicated teams of three specialist business units: SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises), Corporate and Strategic Partners. Together with you, they organise the best possible protection for your company, focusing on your specific situation

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